Scientific mindset


The documentation is a reflection of the intellect of a person. The TechStology is the summation of the intellects of individuals in an organization. It thus becomes 'its' recipe.

Each project is developed one at a time, with the vision of integration to the whole organization. As one new ingredient added ...

The definition of the needs and objectives directs the framework of documentary research. The analysis says the selection of elements, to integrate into the corporate recipe.

The story

The Author

Science and Technology are part of my DNA for nearly forty years. Pure and Applied Sciences, Electronics, Computer Technology, Instrumentation and Controls, Automation, Robotics. Now place to Industry 4.0


Rene Ferguson

The TechStologist


25 years in Industrial Instrumentation and Controls

Analytics and Control Analysers (Quality, Process and Security)

Safety and Protection Systems (Fail Safe, SIS, Shutdown … Toxic Gases, Vibration, Atmospheric Emissions)


Technology Specialist

Instrumentation and Controls Specialist

Red Seal Certified

TechnoScientific Writing

National Occupational Classification

NOC 2243



Post-Secondary Education

Technical and Trades College

Pure and Applied Sciences


Instrumentation and Controls

 University programs

Science Communication (STEM)

Technical and Scientific Writing

Trademarks and IP

Action !

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